Herby Jeanty

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This review is concerned with the current applications of interactive computerized morphometry for diagnostic applications. "Interactive" differs from fully automatic procedures in that the essential function of cell recognition is performed by a trained observer, assisted by a computerized instrument that performs all desirable measurement and processing(More)
We have studied the feasibility of using interactive computerized morphometric methods for the quantitation of septal thickness in the lung with the goal of introducing objective criteria for the diagnosis and grading of pulmonary fibrosis and edema. After reviewing available methods, we have decided in favor of linear intercept measurements of septal(More)
Accurate edge detection is a fundamental problem in the areas of image processing and pattern recognition/classification. The lack of effective edge detection methods has slowed the application of image processing to many areas, in particular diagnostic cytology, and is a major factor in the lack of acceptance of image processing in service orientated(More)
Herein is reported the preparation of several series of symmetrical polyammonium salts that serve as cationic lipids or precursors thereof, and are structurally based on several series of parent diamines where dimethylazonia functionalities are present, separated by a central structural unit, and pendant terminal chains. The resultant materials are of(More)
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