Herbert Weber

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The process centered paradigm changed the way of today's business organizations. Both the organizational structure and the IT-infrastructure are effected by this paradigm shift. For companies, competitiveness means meeting the continuously changing business requirements, concerning business environments and workflows. Structural modifications caused by(More)
Reuse is an important aspect of software engineering that promises advantages like faster time-to-market, cost reduction, better maintainability etc. The software industry focuses on components as commercials off-the-shelf in order to gain reusable assets. However, reuse on the design level usually is not addressed. If we come to perceive models as assets(More)
Evolvable architectures are an important design principle in order to cope with the continuously changing requirements for information systems. These changes are induced by changes of the market, changes of the society, and changes of the technology. We propose a design strategy for evolvable architectures, called Eva 1. This approach is component-based and(More)