Herbert W. Rand

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In a previous paper I have described a series of "experiments on regeneration in Hydra viridis (RA~D, 1899}. In these experiments it was found that, in the regeneration of ~heads~ severed just below the tentacle ring, tentacles which came to lie in an abnormal position on the trunk of the animal were gradually reduced in volume and finally disappeared by(More)
The following experiments were carried on at Harvard University during the fall and winter of 1807--08. The work was done under the direction of Doctor CHAS. B. DAVENPORT, who proposed the problems, and to whose valuable suggestions as to methods and the significance of the results obtained, is due the success of the experiments. Several problems in(More)
Living things are dynamic structures built up of parts which are mutually dependent in their operations and, in any given species, possess definite and fairly constant spatial relations. It is these functional and spatial relations which we designate as ,organisation~. l~on-living systems may likewise exhibit a considerable degree of organization. Whether(More)