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Oude boeken in een modern jasje
Sin, senou, Senos and Pelousion
The toponyms Sin, Senou and Senos have often been identified with the city of Pelousion in the northeastern Delta, but these identifications cannot be accepted. Sin, « the bastion of Egypt »,Expand
Atlantis van Platon tot Disney
Bemerkungen zu Papyri XXIV
BGU II 367 BGU VI 1310, 1356 O.Heid. 447 P.Erl. 56 P.Gen. IV 180, 184, 203 P.Iand. III 38 P.Kellis IV 96 P.Oxy. I 156 und P.Ant. III 196 P.Oxy. XVIII 2206 P.Oxy. XXXI 2584 SPP III 635 P.Koln XII 478Expand
Historische films uitgebracht in 2011
De Griekse oudheid in film