Herbert Steinrück

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The aero-elastic properties of a slender U-beam are investigated for flow velocitys ranging from the vortex excitation velocity upwards. Two different flow patterns, related to the behaviour of the free shear layer above the cavity of the U were found to give rise to completely different vibration phenomena. While one flow pattern can lead to pronounced(More)
In the present study one-and two-dimensional numerical models are proposed for calculating gas flow and valve dynamics in a reciprocating compressor. It turns out that they are capable of capturing the most important physical effects during a compression cycle, namely the interaction between pressure waves inside the cylinder and valve dynamics. In order to(More)
Internal pressure waves influence the performance of reciprocating compressors in two ways: Firstly they interact with the valve dynamics and secondly they excite an oscillating moment onto the piston. On the basis of 2-D and 3-D simulations using a commercial CFD code and the experiences of compressor manufacturers a 1-D flow model is introduced. Valve(More)
The mixed convection flow past a horizontal plate being aligned through a small angle of attack to a uniform free stream will be considered in the limit of large Reynolds number and small Richardson number. Even a small angle of inclination of the wake is sufficient for the buoyancy force to accelerate the flow in the wake which causes a velocity overshoot(More)
  • Eds, H A Mang, F G Rammerstorfer, J Eberhardsteiner, Herbert Steinrück, Christian Rudischer
  • 2002
A model for the formation of oscillation marks in continuous casting of steel will be derived and evaluated numerically. Liquid steel is injected through a submerged nozzle into an intensively cooled mould. At the wall the steel solidifies and the solidified shell is withdrawn vertically. Flux powder is added at the top of liquid steel. It melts (slag) and(More)
Wind-induced vibrations of prismatic structures in cross-flow are of greatest importance for engineers and architects. Aerodynamically bluff bodies such as bridge decks of suspension bridges, towers or masts can be excited to vibrations by several mechanisms. This thesis studies wind-induced flutter vibrations of a prism with U-shaped cross section. The(More)
We investigate the aeroelastic behaviour of a slender U-beam in cross-flow. Two distinct, time periodic flow patterns are observed in simulations of the flow around this beam. Its aeroelastic properties depend on the realized flow pattern, especially so for low reduced velocities: One flow pattern leads to pronounced torsional vortex-induced vibrations. No(More)
A flow structure interaction of a membrane and a fluid is investigated. A conventional segregated numerical algorithm, where the membrane deformation and the flow dynamics are calculated alternately has to fail due to the artificial added mass instability. Thus, a new iteration scheme is proposed. In order to get a good prediction for the deformation of the(More)
Vibrations of a slender U-profile in turbulent cross-flow are studied with the aid of 2D-CFD simulations and wind tunnel experiments. The simulations indicate that there are two different patterns of the flow around the stationary U-profile. Vor-tices form either towards the leeward flange of the profile, or behind its windward flange. The latter vortices(More)