Herbert S. Green

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The DST does appear to be abnormal in a sizable subgroup of patients with major depressive disorder, particularly those characterized as "endogenomorphic" or "melancholic." At present the available data seem clear in indicating this abnormality is significantly less common in normal controls and patients without affective illness. The test holds(More)
I t is shown that in a region which is free of currents and charges, any electromagnetic field may be rigorously derived from a single, generally complex, scalar wave function V ( X , t ) . I n terms of this function the momentum density g(x, t ) and the energy density w ( x , t ) of the field may be defined in such a way that they are represented by(More)
Coupling coefficients are derived for the transfer of energy from an electromagnetic wave propagating in the extracellular fluid of a cortex layer, using an ion dynamical model developed earlier (Green & Triffet, 1985). With the assistance of a simple computational algorithm, these are used to document the performance of a basic neural circuit (Eccles,(More)
Gompertz-Makeham kinetics of population mortality is derived in terms of competition between hypothetical life-prolonging and life-shortening regulatory elements (cells) interacting in each organism by generalized Volterra-type competitive exclusion. The model is developed on two levels, the first applicable to homogeneous populations, and the second, a(More)