Herbert R. Morgan

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Urinary incontinence presents a severe social handicap to the patient and a challenge which has taxed the imagination and ingenuity of surgeons for over a century. Restoration of the urethrovesical junction to its normal retropubic intra-abdominal level will usually result in the cure of pure anatomic female stress incontinence. A retropubic approach is(More)
The conditions for the production of extra-embryonic fluids with hemolytic activity from chick embryos infected with mumps virus have been investigated. Infected fluids with strong hemolytic activity can be obtained by harvesting the fluids of 6- to 8-day-old chick embryos inoculated by the amniotic route after 5 to 6 days' incubation at 35 degrees C. Under(More)
1. A factor capable of causing the hemolysis of the erythrocytes of man, chicken, and sheep occurs in the amniotic and allantoic fluids of chick embryos infected with the virus of mumps. 2. The hemolysin has not been found in normal fluids or in those infected with PR8 or Lee B strains of influenza virus. 3. The hemolysin is definitely inhibited by the(More)
The growth of psittacosis virus (6BC) was studied in cultures of minced whole chick embryo tissue maintained in either Hanks-Simms solution or Hanks's balanced salt solution (BSS), and in neither medium could sustained, long-term virus growth take place. Addition of beef embryo extract (BEE) to cultures at a time when virus multiplication was declining(More)