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Political Opportunity Structures and Political Protest: Anti-Nuclear Movements in Four Democracies
Since the 1960s, successive protest movements have challenged public policies, established modes of political participation and socio-economic institutions in advanced industrial democracies. SocialExpand
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The transformation of European social democracy
Introduction 1. Social structure and preference formation: opportunities for left party strategy in the 1970s and 1980s 2. Class structure and left party performance 3. Left party fortunes and theExpand
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Post-Communist Party Systems: Competition, Representation, and Inter-Party Cooperation
Acknowledgments Introduction Democracy and Party Competition Part I. Theory, Party Systems and the Procedural Quality of Post-Communist Democracy: 1. Historical legacies and strategies ofExpand
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Linkages between Citizens and Politicians in Democratic Polities
Research on democratic party competition in the formal spatial tradition of Downs and the comparative-historical tradition of Lipset and Rokkan assumes that linkages of accountability andExpand
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The Radical Right in Western Europe
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Continuity and change in contemporary capitalism
In the early 1980s, many observers, argued that powerful organized economic interests and social democratic parties created successful mixed economies promoting economic growth, full employment, andExpand
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The Radical Right in Western Europe: A Comparative Analysis
The rise of new political competitors on the radical right is a central feature of many contemporary European party systems. The first study of its kind based on a wide array of comparative surveyExpand
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Patrons, Clients and Policies: Patterns of Democratic Accountability and Political Competition
1. Citizen-politician linkages: an introduction Herbert Kitschelt and Steven I. Wilkinson 2. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss? The evolution of political clientelism in Africa Nicolas Van deExpand
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Formation of Party Cleavages in Post-Communist Democracies
Research on post-communist party systems must deal with (1) the extent to which party systems crystallize around programmatic cleavages or are based on clientelistic or charismatic parties and (2) ifExpand
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