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Fomocaine (CAS 56583-43-8) is a local anaesthetic (LA) with long lasting surface effect and low toxicity. Nevertheless, it is not optimal yet. Therefore, 7 newly synthesised derivatives, 4(More)
Fibrates lead to a reduction of serum triglycerides and cholesterol in hyperlipidemic patients. Their therapeutic use, however, can be associated with adverse effects like gastrointestinal disorders,(More)
Between the stereoisomers of amide-type local anaesthetics differences have been noticed with respect to pharmacokinetics and side effects, but not regarding local anaesthetic capacity. Therefore,(More)
Different fibrates (bezafibrate, ciprofibrate, clofibrate, fenofibrate, gemfibrozil) were investigated in comparison with their newly synthesized glycinate and glycinate-methylester derivatives.(More)