Herbert M. Hofmann

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Cervical pregnancy produces profuse but painless vaginal bleeding. After ultrasound diagnosis early in pregnancy, preservation of the uterus is possible. After the 12th week, hysterectomy is almost always necessary. We review current concepts in the diagnosis and management of cervical pregnancy.
Glucose values were determined in 102 urine samples of newborn infants and in 2295 amniotic fluid (AF) samples of women between the 14th and 42nd week of pregnancy. One thousand, six hundred fifty-five of the AF samples derived from normal pregnancies, 50 from pregnancies with fetal malformations, 115 from cases of hydramnios, 246 from pregnant women with(More)
Of 228 women with gestational diabetes between 28 and 32 gestational weeks, 195 had a normal amniotic fluid insulin level (4.8 +/- 3.6 microU/ml) while 33 (14.5%) had an elevated level (23.1 +/- 10 microU/ml). Women with a normal amniotic fluid insulin level were treated by diet alone. Fourteen of the women with an elevated level were treated by diet alone;(More)
Conventional clinical staging of cervical cancer is subjective because it is based on palpatory findings and inadequate because it cannot assess the single most important prognostic factor--tumor size. To determine the exactitude of in vivo MRI measurements of tumor volume, 22 patients with invasive cervical cancer were studied before surgery. The volumes(More)
Thirty-three normoglycemic pregnant diabetic patients (White B-R) were studied in the course of one year during 732 weeks of therapy with 176 dose adjustments of insulin to determine patterns of insulin requirements. By means of an empirical formula, the insulin requirements within a 24-hour period can be calculated. Insulin requirement in the course of(More)
It must be determined whether high neonatal birth weight (greater than or equal to 4000 g) is due to genetic factors or to a disorder of maternal carbohydrate metabolism. Oral glucose tolerance tests are known to be unreliable during the puerperium. If the mother's carbohydrate metabolism was disturbed during pregnancy, neonatal overweight may result from(More)
In vitro chemosensitivity to cisplatinum, adriamycin, cyclophosphamide, and 5-fluorouracil was investigated in 58 cases of ovarian carcinoma using Volm's short-term test. These in vitro results were retrospectively correlated with the relapse-free interval. Operative treatment in all patients (FIGO stage I (5), III (43), IV (10)) comprised maximum debulking(More)
A comparison of the action of adrenaline infusion and a combined adrenaline + alpha blocker (phentolamine, Regitine) infusion on blood glucose (BG), plasma immunoreactive insulin (IRI), BG/IRI ratio, C-peptide, and plasma cortisol levels was made in healthy young human subjects. The purpose of the experiment was to check, whether alpha block could abolish(More)
MRI can define the spread, size, and volume of clinical cervical cancers. Appropriate pulse sequences and slice thicknesses are necessary. Twenty-five patients underwent MRI tumour volumetry before radical hysterectomy. The volume obtained by MRI was compared with that obtained from the histological giant sections; the volumes agreed at a statistically(More)