Herbert Müller

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In neonatal diabetes mellitus (NDM), a rare genetic disorder, insulin therapy is required but the management is difficult. Frequent blood glucose determinations are necessary in most cases. Microdialysis subcutaneous glucose monitoring (MSGM) is feasible in neonates and has been proposed to reduce painful blood sampling and blood loss. We have applied(More)
INTRODUCTION Type 1 diabetes can be diagnosed at an early presymptomatic stage by the detection of islet autoantibodies. The Fr1da study aims to assess whether early staging of type 1 diabetes (1) is feasible at a population-based level, (2) prevents severe metabolic decompensation observed at the clinical manifestation of type 1 diabetes and (3) reduces(More)
  • H Müller
  • 1990
The incidence of tuberculosis among people with AIDS in the USA is about four per cent. This is one hundred to two hundred times the incidence of that of the general population. The aim of this study is to get more detailed information about the coincidence between HIV infection/AIDS illness and tuberculosis in Cologne. 2.6% of HIV carriers or people with(More)
In this article, a special set of Schwarz-Christoffel-transformations of the complex number plane onto itself is given. The K th transformation of this set maps the unit disc into a regular polygon with K corners. The disk and polygon are both centered at 0, and close to the center, the mapping is the identity. An Octave-program is then given, that allows(More)