Herbert Kay

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Numerical interval simulation: Combined qualitative and quantitative simulation to bound behaviors of non-monotonic systems. A generic method for computing the response of a numerically-known dynamic system to qualitative inputs. 37 x i (t) < x i (t) in which case there must be some time t 1 < t such that x i (t 1) = x i (t 1), or x i (t) = x i (t). Assume(More)
While model-based process monitoring and system identiication share the common goal of describing the behavior of a physical system based on a mathematical model, the assumptions made by system identiication are typically too strong to apply it directly to monitoring problems. This article describes SQUID, a new system identiication method that uses(More)
System identification takes a space of possible models and a stream of observational data of a physical system, and attempts to identify the element of the model space that best describes the observed system. In traditional approaches, the model space is specified by a parameterized differential equation, and identification selects numerical parameter(More)
X-ray spectra of the late-type star AB Dor, obtained with the XMM-Newton satellite are analysed. AB Dor was particularly active during the observations. An emission measure reconstruction technique is employed to analyse flare and quiescent spectra, with emphasis on the Fe XVII 15 − 17Å wavelength region. The Fe XVII 16.78Å/15.01Å line ratio increases(More)
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