Herbert J. Ziegler

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Early diagnosis is a tenet in oncology and should enable early treatment with the expectation of improved outcome. Extent and determinants of patient delay of diagnosis in breast cancer patients and its impact on stage of disease were examined in a population based study among female breast cancer patients in Germany. Two hundred and eighty-seven women,(More)
INTRODUCTION Data on the survival of all incident cases collected by population-based cancer registries make it possible to evaluate the overall performance of diagnostic and therapeutic actions on cancer in those populations. EUROCARE-3 is the third round of the EUROCARE project, the largest cancer registry population based collaborative study on survival(More)
Several studies have suggested that incidence and mortality of colorectal cancer (CRC) may be strongly reduced for up to 10 years by endoscopic screening with removal of precancerous lesions, but so far there are no data on risk reduction beyond this period. We assessed long-term reduction of CRC risk following screening endoscopy in a statewide(More)
A new method for more timely monitoring of cancer patient survival was employed to assess progress in 5-year survival of breast cancer patients in Saarland, Germany, between 1980-84 and 1990-94. Five-year relative survival gradually increased from 68.8% to 73.5%. Improvements were most pronounced among age groups 50-59 and 60-69. The latter had the highest(More)
Over a million students at thousands of schools have learned about world history with the best selling book for the course, Traditions and Encounters: A Global Perspective on the Past. Using the twin themes of traditions and encounters, the text emphasizes both the distinctive patterns of historical development within individual societies and the profound(More)
In our paper we support the idea that at first glance very different topics in space physics and astrophysics, respectively, can include similar aspects such that progress made in one field may help to solve open questions in the other one. For these purposes we present recent results considering the occurrence of thin current sheets in the near-earth(More)
Tumors of brain and central nervous system are rare diseases in Germany. Due to widely heterogeneous notification in cancer registries, population based information on incidence is practically unavailable in this country. The main causes for clinical interest in descriptive data on these tumor entities are severe clinical effects, irrespective of(More)
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