Herbert J. Koelman

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Keywords: Ship hull reverse engineering Photogrammetry Large-object measurement Measurement and modeling Landmark Feature detection Laser scanning Case study a b s t r a c t In this paper, an industrial application of CAD is presented, which concerns the measurement and re-engineering of the shape of a complete ship hull and of ship's parts, which is a(More)
Possibilities of software to predict the stability of container ships 2 Topics • Introduction to SARC. • Locopias on-board loading and stability software. • Automatic measurement of container weights, based on measured draft variations. • A proposal for probabilistic assessment of container ship stability.
Physical concept modeling and pre-manufacturing prototyping of ship hulls are becoming more and more important due to the strong need for better quality ships, for optimization of the global performance, and for involving the customers in the development process. Physical models are typically scale models, which are used during and after design for various(More)
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