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INTRODUCTION Long bone lengthening surgery using progressive surgical methods has been the source of frequent complications. Some authors have classified these complications either descriptively, according to the date of onset after the operation, or based on their severity. The Caton classification (1985) has had the virtue of contributing the notion of(More)
Anticipating large-scale molecular dynamics simulations (MD) in nano-fluidics, we conduct performance and scalability studies of an optimized version of the code ls1 mardyn. We present our implementation requiring only 32 Bytes per molecule, which allows us to run the, to our knowledge, largest MD simulation to date. Our optimizations tailored to the Intel(More)
To determine whether a High-Performance Computing (HPC) data center is energy efficient, various aspects have to be taken into account: the data center's power distribution and cooling infrastructure, the HPC system itself, the influence of the system management software, and the HPC workloads; all can contribute to the overall energy efficiency of the data(More)
AIM The purpose of this study was to evaluate differences in the D-DRG results of a hospital case by 2 independently coding MKD raters. Calculation of the 2-inter-rater reliability was performed by examination of the coding of individual hospital cases. The reasons for the non-agreement of the expert evaluations and suggestions to improve the process are(More)
Erratum to: Eur J Orthop Surg Traumatol DOI 10.1007/s00590-015-1656-8. The author would like to correct the errors in the publication of the original article. The corrected details are given below for your reading. Second and third authors' given names have been published incorrectly. The correct author names should be D. Popkov and H. Huber. The(More)