Herbert Hofmann

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We have developed a mathematical model to track facets appearing and disappearing during the evolution of crystal shape. The model also gives the crystal shape at steady state that is consistent with the predictions We show that under constant growth rate conditions, the steady state shape of a crystal is unique, stable, and independent of the seed crystal(More)
We report on a consistent, microscopic calculation of the bound and scattering states in the 4 He system employing a realistic nucleon-nucleon potential in the framework of the resonating group model (RGM). We present for comparison with these microscopic RGM calculations the results from a charge-independent, Coulomb-corrected R-matrix analysis of all(More)
We report on a microscopic Refined Resonating Group Model (RRGM) calculation of scattering of p off 3 He employing the Argonne-v 14 and the Bonn nucleon-nucleon potentials without three-nucleon forces at low energies up to 30 MeV. The calculated phase-shifts verify the well-known proton analyzing power A y-problem. We demonstrate that with corrected 3 P 2(More)
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