Herbert Hellerman

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In the January 1983 issue of the Annals (Volume 5, Number 1), we published the "Final Report of the SPREAD Task Group, December 28, 1961." In the same issue were an introduction by Bob O. Evans and the edited transcript of a discussion by several members of the original SPREAD Task Group with Annals editors held on June 23, 1982. The following are comments(More)
The subject of computer architecture as currently taught in most computer engineering and computer science programs is a mixture of architectural principles, organizational strategies, and implementation techniques. This blurring of the hierarchy of system levels that characterize the structure of a computer has made it very difficult for students ( and.(More)
A method is presented for computing the number of elements in any collection of sets derived from other sets by statements that are reducible to conjunctions, disjunctions, and complementations. The technique also detects certain inconsistencies that may be present in the given data. The method is applicable to a wide range of problems in computer science,(More)
Many languages, including Fortran, and machines such as most minicomputers have little or no built-in character manipulation capability and yet are often required to process character information. This paper discusses the programming of character processing in such integer environments. Character representation, string-to-word coordinate transformation,(More)
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