Herbert Hecht

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To max imize reliability of a spacecraft which perf o r m s long-life (over 10-year), deep-space mi s s ion ( to a n ou te r p lane t ) , a faul t tolerant env i ronmen t incorporating on board prevent ive ma in tenance is highly desirable. In this paper, we present a n init ial modelbased s tudy which identif ies t h e key fac tor f o r the reliability(More)
Effective fault-handling in emerging complex distributed applications requires the ability to dynamically adapt resource allocation and faulttolerance policies in response to possible changes in environment, application requirements, and available resources. This paper reports an effort on design and implementation of an adaptive fault-tolerance middleware(More)
A systems approach to the analysis and control of software reliability is described which is intended to supplement conventional software reliability models which focus on program attributes under the control of the software professionals. A review of software reliability experience during the operations and maintenance (O&M) phase is presented. This is(More)
In many cases, it is possible to derive a quantitative reliability or availability assessment for systems containing software with the appropriate use of systemlevel measurement-based modeling and supporting data. This paper demonstrates the system-level measurement based approach using a simplified safety protection system example. The approach is(More)
1 0-7803-5846-5/00/$10.00 © 2000 IEEE Abstract— This paper describes the design and implementation of a software infrastructure for real-time fault tolerance for applications on long duration deep space missions. The infrastructure has advanced capabilities for Adaptive Fault Tolerance (AFT), i.e., the ability to change the recovery strategy based on the(More)
Traditional software testing methods combined with probabilistic models cannot measure and assess dependability for software that requires very high reliability (failure rate < 10 /hour) and availability (>0.999999). This 6 paper proposes a novel approach, drawing on findings and methods that have been described individually but have never been combined,(More)
The first session of the software reliability area will address Software Reliability Needs. It includes three invited papers that deal, respectively, with the origination of reliability requirements, with issues of reliability measurements, and with reliability modeling and prediction. All of them represent the cutting edge of the current technology and(More)