Herbert Hanselmann

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1 Adaptive stabilization of mobile manipulators Colbaugh, Richard New Mexico State Univ. 10:20 6 Optimal control of 2-input chained systems using higher-order method Faiz, Nadeem Univ. of Delaware Agrawal, Sunil K. Univ. of Delaware 10:40 8 Multiple simultaneous specifications control problem and its application A variable look-ahead controller for lateral(More)
Developing and integrating automotive embedded software is a complex undertaking. The software is large. It is developed by many contributors. It is distributed over many control units connected by a variety of in-vehicle buses. Often much of the equipment or functions in a car are optional and regulatory requirements also vary between markets, leading to(More)
Without Model-Based-Design (MBD) today's automotive embedded systems would not exist. However, MBD generates its own challenges. Tools and concepts are helping in many areas, but the user's needs often seem to outpace the capabilities of tools and processes, especially for large systems with complex software interacting across boundaries. System Design is(More)
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