Herbert H Hooper

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We have performed fast, parallel separations of alleles of the D1S80 locus in a plastic, multi-channel chip, replicated from a microfabricated master and laminated with a plastic film. The array of 16 channels was filled with a replaceable sieving polymer, and a size-dependent, electrophoretic separation of the DNA fragments was performed in all channels in(More)
We demonstrate the feasibility of temperature-sensitive polymers as novel matrices for capillary and slab electrophoresis of DNA. These matrices combine the case-of-use of agarose with resolution properties of polyacrylamide. Two classes of matrices are used: (i) aqueous suspensions of gel microspheres and (ii) solutions containing uncross-linked(More)
Microfabricated electrophoretic separation devices have been produced by an injection-molding process. The strategy for producing the devices involved solution-phase etching of a master template on a silicon wafer, followed by electroforming more durable injection-molding masters in nickel from the silicon master. One of the nickel electroforms was then(More)
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