Herbert H. Bell

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Is the perception of velocity determined by the prior discrimination of spatial and temporal distances? Two experiments sought to answer this question by comparing the discriminabilities of moving stimuli varied in spatial extent, temporal duration, or in redundant combinations of both variables. The subject's task was to identify which of two alternative(More)
Aortocoronary bypass surgery was performed in three patients with incapacitating angina pectoris who had previously had successful renal transplantation. All patients had initial symptomatic improvement. Although two have mild angina pectoris, there is objective improvement in their exercise tolerance and in ischemic ST-T changes on treadmill exercise(More)
Our study indicates that the combination of nicotinic acid (1.2 g/day) and lovastatin (20 mg/day) is more effective than either drug alone in reducing total and LDL cholesterol. Although HDL cholesterol was not significantly improved by these doses of agents over the duration of this study, LDL/HDL and HDL/total cholesterol ratios were improved due to the(More)
When wearing a monocular head-mounted display (HMD), one eye views the HMD symbology while both eyes view an out-the-window scene. This may create interocular differences in image characteristics that could disrupt binocular vision by provoking visual suppression, thus reducing visibility of the background scene, monocular symbology, or both. However,(More)
During a 6-year period ending December, 1976, 385 female patients underwent coronary artery bypass at the Mid-America Heart Institute. This group constituted 14.6% of the total experience. The operative (thirty day) mortality was 1.3%, which is not significantly greater than that experienced by male patients operated on concurrently. A total follow-up of(More)
The Air Force’s Armstrong Laboratory recently developed a distributed interactive simulation system. The purpose of this system is to support training effectiveness research involving combat skills. Currently, this simulation system provides the laboratory with most of the air combat simulation capabilities found in more expensive full mission simulators.(More)
As monocular head-mounted displays (HMDs) are introduced into existing flight simulators for training and mission rehearsal it will be important to determine whether binocular rivalry affects the visibility of HMD presented symbology or the out-the-window (OTW) flight simulator display imagery. In the present study, we examined whether rivalry suppression(More)