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In the field of medical diagnosis, there is a strong need to determine mechanical properties of biological tissue, which are of histological and pathological relevance. Malignant tumors are significantly stiffer than surrounding healthy tissue. One of the established diagnosis procedures is the palpation of body organs and tissue. Palpation is used to(More)
Mechanical properties of biological tissue represent important diagnostic information and are of histological relevance (hard lesions, "nodes" in organs: tumors; calcifications in vessels: arteriosclerosis). The problem is, that such information is usually obtained by digital palpation only, which is limited with respect to sensitivity. It requires(More)
The combination of an integrated Mach-Zehnder-interferometer (iMZI) at the bottom of a fluidic microchannel system with supramolecular interfacial binding layers optimized for biosensing purposes is described. The model system used is based on the highly specific interaction of streptavidin to its 'ligand' biotin: a single monolayer of a correspondingly(More)
The ability to image the elastic properties of tissue is potentially useful in a variety of applications. The field of elastic imaging has grown in response to the potential use of such information in medical diagnosis. Real time ultrasound elastography represents a recent development in determining strain and elasticity distributions. Nevertheless,(More)