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Two hundred fifty consecutive patients admitted for upper gastrointestinal hemorrhage were examined by endoscopy within 24 hr. of admission. The technic proved safe and was tolerated well. One hundred twenty-seven diagnoses (50.8%) were established by endoscopy alone. The incidence of duodenal ulcer (20%) as the bleeding source was strikingly below the(More)
• Work of our department and of others has shown that the magnitude of coronary flow (CF) is determined primarily by the oxygen consumption of the heart (OoC) 1 " 8 in such a manner that oxygen availability alters in a parallel fashion with O2C while oxygen extraction (O 2 E), within limits, remains constant. 8 " 10 Two kinds of factors cause deviation of(More)
The osmotic pressure of the serum proteins (colloid osmotic pressure [COP] or "oncotic" pressure) is only one of the four Starling forces (plus the capillary permeability coefficient) which affect the net filtration of fluid from the capillaries. The COP will vary with the concentration of total serum proteins, but more so with the specific pattern or(More)
This document provides guidelines for the terminology, methodology, and for the interpretation of data obtained from the use of skin (transcutaneous) po(2) and pco(2) electrodes. The transcutaneous technique has found special application in newborn infants. The causes of analytical bias with respect to arterial blood gas values, and imprecision obtained(More)