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We formalize a notion of topological simplification within the framework of a filtration, which is the history of a growing complex. We classify a topological change that happens during growth as either a feature or noise depending on its lifetime or persistence within the filtration. We give fast algorithms for computing persistence and experimental(More)
The persistence diagram of a real-valued function on a topological space is a multiset of points in the extended plane. We prove that under mild assumptions on the function, the persistence diagram is stable: small changes in the function imply only small changes in the diagram. We apply this result to estimating the homology of sets in a metric space and(More)
We present algorithms for constructing a hierarchy of increasingly coarse Morse-Smale complexes that decompose a piecewise linear 2-manifold. While these complexes are defined only in the smooth category, we extend the construction to the piecewise linear category by ensuring structural integrity and simulating differentiability. We then simplify(More)
ACKNOWLEDGMENT The authors express their appreciation for numerous constructive suggestions, which led to improvements on various phases of the manuscript, to Dr. A high performance multiple data rate burst modem for satellite packet communication, " EASCON Conference Record, Nov. 198 1. A microprocessor-based PSK modem for packet transmission over(More)