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Hemorrhagic vesicles in a newborn present a challenging differential diagnosis including both infectious and neoplastic disorders. Patients should be evaluated in an efficient manner to arrive at the correct diagnosis as quickly as possible. We present here an interesting case that outlines the methodical workup that ultimately revealed the diagnosis of(More)
In very rare situations, a newborn will be delivered with severe unrecognized life-threatening anemia. Two infants with severe anemia with differing etiologies were deemed to require emergency uncrossmatched O-negative blood. In one infant, the blood transfused was incompatible for the minor antigen that had caused the isoimmune hemolytic anemia. We report(More)
During the last two decades we have witnessed an explosive growth in the domain of human reproductive knowledge. The application of this information to solving human infertility has allowed numerous couples to fulfill their procreative reproductive wishes. These new forms of human conception (related primarily to IVF and embryo transfer) have advanced ahead(More)
BACKGROUND High-grade astrocytomas (HGA) carry a dismal prognosis and compose nearly 20% of all childhood brain tumors. The role of high-dose chemotherapy (HDCT) in the treatment of HGA remains unclear. METHODS In a nationwide study, The Children's Cancer Group (CCG) prospectively evaluated 102 children with HGA and postoperative residual disease for(More)
A 1-year-old infant with von Recklinghausen's neurofibromatosis was seen because of increasing clitoral enlargement over a 7-month period. The mother, who also had neurofibromatosis, was treated 2 years beforehand for an acoustic neuroma. The child was treated by radical clitorectomy. Pathologic examination revealed malignant schwannoma, a tumor not(More)
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