Herbert Dahlheim

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OBJECTIVE To investigate the 24 h blood pressure profile in patients with Parkinson's disease with intact autonomic function or with autonomic failure and patients with multiple system atrophy (MSA), and to assess whether these patients exhibit posture-related variations in blood pressure. PATIENTS AND METHODS We studied 24 patients with Parkinson's(More)
We have established a method for the determination of renin activity in minute amounts of tissue. This method was used for single juxtaglomerular apparatuses (JGA's) of rats. Enzyme kinetic studies were performed to establish the optimal conditions for microdissected JGA's, using purified rat renin and its substrate. Maximal formation of angiotensin occurs(More)
We investigated the alteration of the ACE in different parts of the circulation in 21 patients with essential hypertension, who suffered from angina pectoris attacks. Blood samples were taken during diagnostic cardiac catheterisation. The ACE was fluorimetrically measured and compared to 48 normotensive patients. In 11 patients the Plasma Renin Activity(More)
The reactions of purified renin substrates of four different species (ox, hog, dog and rat) with standardized human renin were studied. Characterization of angiotensin formation rate was achieved by evaluation of temperature-, pH- and substrate-concentration dependence. Optimal pH-values were estimated to be 6.5 for ox, 7.5 for hog, 6.1 for dog, and 6.0 for(More)
The present study was designed to identify angiotensin I (Ang I)-forming angiotensinogenases in human extrarenal vasculature and to examine the theory of Jiménez Días on their stimulation in essential hypertension. Vascular sections obtained intraoperatively from 14 normotensive and 16 hypertensive patients undergoing corrective surgery, 68 umbilical cord(More)
Investigations were performed on components of the renin-angiotensin system (RAS) in homogenate extracts of vascular tissue and aortic smooth muscle cells cultivated in vitro. Determinations of isoelectric points and pH optima indicated the existence in aortic homogenate extracts of two local angiotensin I (AI)-forming enzymes (AIFE) that were different(More)
The effect of zinc depletion and of additional angiotensin I-converting enzyme (ACE) inhibitor treatment was studied on ACE in aortic and other tissues, in plasma and on systolic blood pressure of the rat. Zinc deprivation significantly reduced plasma zinc concentration, plasma and testicular ACE activities and blood pressure, but stimulated aortic ACE(More)
Mit Hilfe des Angiotensin-Rattentests (Messung des arteriellen Blutdruckanstiegs) und des Radioimmunoassay wurde „renin-like-activity“ im ekkrinen Schweiß von Patienten mit Mucoviscidose (Cystische Pancreasfibrose, CF) und gesunden Kontrollen gemessen. Die Schweißsekretion wurde durch Pilocarpin-Iontophorese oder durch lokale Injektion von Carbamylcholin(More)
The present experiments were performed to study the effect of chronic extracellular volume expansion on the magnitude of tubulo-glomerular feedback responses in the rat kidney. Extracellular volume expansion was achieved by giving isotonic saline as drinking water and by injecting DOCA in a dose of 2.5 mg/kg · day. When Ringer perfusion rate through the(More)