Herbert C. Georg

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The entire ultraviolet-visible absorption spectrum of benzophenone in water is studied and compared with the same spectrum in gas phase. Five transitions are considered, and the corresponding solvatochromic shifts are obtained and compared to experiment. Using a sequential procedure of Monte Carlo simulations and quantum mechanical calculations, liquid(More)
The thermodynamic properties of a selected set of benchmark hydrogen-bonded systems (acetic acid dimer and the complexes of acetic acid with acetamide and methanol) was studied with the goal of obtaining detailed information on solvent effects on the hydrogen-bonded interactions using water, chloroform, and n-heptane as representatives for a wide range in(More)
Monte Carlo simulation and quantum mechanics calculations based on the INDO/CIS and TD-DFT methods were utilized to study the solvatochromic shift of benzophenone when changing the environment from normal water to supercritical (P = 340.2 atm and T = 673 K) condition. Solute polarization increases the dipole moment of benzophenone, compared to gas phase, by(More)
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