Herbert Brün

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Ladies and Gentlemen, Seven years ago I saw Cincinnati for the first time. I had come here to listen to the first public performance of my third string quartet by the LaSalle Quartet, an ensemble justly considered to be one of the best of its kind in the world today by most composers alive. For me this was a festival, and it is understandable that I was in(More)
Good Morning. Now, that we all know why we are here, and why it is we who are here, I shall take the opportunity and make an opening and closing declaration: Even if it were accurately reported that the general systems theories hitherto have somehow failed in solving the problem posed by the assignment to find successful and desirable treatments of complex(More)
We know enough, today, about social problems and cognitive processes to make statements: Social problems are interconnected with cognitive processes. Those who attempt to study and to answer the questions posed by one, sooner or later find themselves involved with the study of questions raised by the other. Answers to so involved a system of interlocked(More)
The link between the computer system and the composer of music is The Program. Composers may think of themselves and their minds and their ideas in any way they please, until they decide to use the computer as an assistant. From that moment on composers must envisage themselves, their minds, and their ideas as systems, since only systems can be translated(More)
Time is running short. So let me be concise. Brevity may cause omissions. Gaps caused by omission can be filled in later. If you have questions, remember them. After I have finished lecturing, I shall try to answer the questions you then will ask. First let us hear something of which nobody should be able to say immediately and with sure conviction whether(More)
visions and movements in the human mind, then the purpose seems to have gotten lost in our time, because the audience endows the music with a sense which was perceived long ago, at an entirely different occasion, and which now will not communicate anything of contemporary relevance and significance anymore. A new musical language, therefore, will(More)
Wayfaring Sounds is the title of a composition for electronically produced sounds, and the heading of a collection of answers and comments to questions that most frequently arise in discussions about “electronic music”. The record offers a brief introduction into the world of electronic sounds as well as the compositions Wayfaring Sounds and Anepigraphe.(More)
Composers who attempt to compose music with the assistance of computers, and who, instead of keeping their mouths shut, respond to the request to tell why and how they propose to breed immortal beauty for all of us by marrying mere technical logic to fertile inspiration, these composers have to override such exalted expectations with a careful report on the(More)
It is one thing to search for events that will produce the sound one wants, and quite another to discover the sound of the events one wants. In the first case the wanted sound renders desirable the necessary events; in the second the wanted events are the standard for the desirability of the resulting sound. These are not only two different approaches to(More)