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A Biomimetic Active Electrolocation Sensor for Detection of Atherosclerotic Lesions in Blood Vessels
We applied the principle of active electrolocation to a catheter-based medical sensor, which proved to be able to detect and analyze the pathological changes of the walls of blood vessels caused by vulnerable plaques. Expand
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Biomimetic Infrared Sensors Based on Photomechanic Infrared Receptors in Pyrophilous (“Fire-Loving”) Insects
Beetles of the genus Melanophila and certain flat bugs of the genus Aradus approach forest fires. For the detection of fires and of hot surfaces, the pyrophilous species of both genera have developedExpand
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Characterization of a bionic electrolocation sensor using finite element modeling
In this paper, a novel bionic 17-electrode catheter sensor is introduced, which can be used for coronary diagnostics. The sensor was characterized by finite element modeling using the multiphysicsExpand
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