Herbert A. Fritsche

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27 information is used. A choice then has to be made as to which is the most eecient option. Acknowledgments. We are grateful to the referees for their useful comments. We thank Robert Michael Lewis for his valuable suggestions on how best to present this material, particularly the results given in x7. Mathematical models for the predictive value of early(More)
BACKGROUND Determining the need for prostate biopsy is frequently difficult and more objective criteria are needed to predict the presence of high grade prostate cancer (PCa). To reduce the rate of unnecessary biopsies, we explored the potential of using biomarkers in urine and plasma to develop a scoring system to predict prostate biopsy results and the(More)
With our analytical tools we have analyzed microarray data with over 20,000 genes. We have discovered molecular patterns characteristic of zonal and histological tissue classification of the prostate. We have found promising prostate cancer biomarkers yielding 90% sensitivity and specificity on completely independently collected data. We have also found(More)
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