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Spawning behavior of lake trout, Salvelinus namaycush, is poorly understood, relative to stream-dwelling salmonines. Underwater video records of spawning in a recovering population from the Drummond Island Refuge (Lake Huron) represent the first reported direct observations of lake trout spawning in the Laurentian Great Lakes. These observations provide new(More)
For the past two years the author has been teaching economics (History of Economic Thought and Economic Development) at the tertiary level via the Internet and computer-mediation. This is done primarily for students who are unable or who do not wish to attend classes on campus, but desire an education as good, if not better, as the campus based enterprise.(More)
Does computer-mediation enhance student performance or student interest in the learning process? In this paper we present the somewhat tentative results of an experiment carried out in teaching/learning methodology and pedagogy. The goal of the experiment was to examine, compare and elicit results to identify the differences, If any, in leaning outcomes(More)
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