Herb T. Ripley

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Trends in coral cover are widely used to indicate the health of coral reefs but are costly to obtain from field survey over large areas. In situ studies of reflected spectra at the coral surface show that living and recently dead colonies can be distinguished. Here, we investigate whether such spectral differences can be detected using an airborne remote(More)
The paper describes a new methodology that uses spatially extensive hyperspectral imagery as reference data to carry out vicarious radiometric calibrations for multiple satellite sensors. The methodology has been validated using data from a campaign at the Railroad Valley playa test site in Nevada in June 1998. The proof of concept has been further tested(More)
There has been significant concern over development of the tropical green alga Caulerpa taxifolia in the Mediterranean Sea. Reports dating back to 1991 predicted that the species would expand exponentially on all types of substrata and displace major components of the coastal benthic flora, in particular the dominant native seagrass Posidonia oceanica. A(More)
The injured or postoperative thorax is commonly treated with physiotherapy employing "unilateral breathing" techniques. The ability of these methods to alter the distribution of ventilation and blood flow (oxygen uptake) was examined in four patients undergoing bronchospirometry. No change was observed in these measurements in the lung toward which efforts(More)
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