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Ruscheweyh'and She&Small proved the P6lya-Schoenberg conjecture that the class of convex analytic functions is closed under convolution or Hadamard product. They also showed that clos&o-convexity is preserved under convolution with convex analytic functions. In this note, we investigate harmonic analogs. Beginning with convex analytic functions, we form(More)
Controversy exists concerning the adaptability of mammalian respiratory muscles in response to endurance training. We examined the effects of 8 wk of progressive treadmill exercise (45 min/day 5 days/wk) on the biochemical adaptations of rat diaphragm and intercostal muscles. Female Sprague-Dawley rats were randomly assigned to a sedentary control (n = 10)(More)
Recent evidence suggests that exercise training results in a significant improvement in the oxidative capacity of the mammalian diaphragm; however, limited data exist concerning which diaphragmatic fiber types are metabolically altered due to training. To test the hypothesis that exercise training increases the oxidative capacity of diaphragmatic type I and(More)
Phenytoin is known to reduce neural overactivity (pseudomyotonia) affecting the hind limb musculature in C57B1/6J dystrophic (dy2J/dy2J) mice. This study reports a change in the metabolic profile of superficial gastrocnemius muscle fibers from dy2J/dy2J animals after chronic phenytoin treatment. The superficial gastrocnemius muscle region from normal mice(More)
Limited data exist concerning the effects of exercise training on cellular oxidative capacity in the diaphragm of senescent animals. In this study we examined the changes in cellular oxidative capacity, muscle cell cross-sectional area (CSA), and capillarity within the costal diaphragm of senescent animals after a 10-wk endurance-training program. Twelve(More)
The present study combined video confocal laser microscopy (1) and tissue reflectance and autofluorescence to visualize mucus position and mucociliary transport in excised living gill tissue from the blue mussel Mytilus edulis. Rafts of mucus and embedded particles were transported atop a periciliary space traversed by frontal cilia, which engaged the mucus(More)