Herb Engelhard

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LBA2007 Background: The NovoTTF is a portable, medical device delivering low intensity, intermediate frequency, alternating electric fields by means of noninvasive, disposable scalp electrodes. These tumor treatment fields (TTF) physically interfere with cell division and assembly of organelles. METHODS Adult pts (KPS≥70%) with recurrent GBM were(More)
Suramin, an anticancer agent in current clinical trials, is a prototype of a pharmacological antagonist of growth factors, including basic fibroblast growth factor (bFGF). Suramin inhibited angiogenesis in the chick chorioallantoic membrane assay in a dose-dependent fashion. Suramin, 200 mg/kg i.v., inhibited rat corneal angiogenesis induced by(More)
Heino, Mikko; Baulier, Loc; Boukal, David S.; Ernande, Bruno; Johnston, Fiona D.; Mollet, Fabian M.; Pardoe, Heidi; Therkildsen, Nina Overgaard; Uusi-Heikkilä, Silva; Vainikka, Anssi; Arlinghaus, Robert; Dankel, Dorothy J.; Dunlop, Erin S.; Eikeset, Anne Maria; Enberg, Katja; Engelhard, Georg H.; Jørgensen, Christian Bødtkjer; Laugen, Ane T.; Matsumura,(More)
We report on a compact electron spin analyzer based on exchange scattering from a magnetic surface. The heart of the detector is an Fe(001) thin film grown on W(001) with chemisorbed oxygen in the p(1 x 1) structure. The device is mounted at the exit of an energy dispersive analyzer and works at a scattering energy of about 13.5 eV. Its figure of merit is 2(More)
The undulatory excitations (flickering) of human and camel erythrocytes were evaluated by employing the previously used flicker spectroscopy and by local measurements of the autocorrelation function K (t) of the cell thickness fluctuations using a dynamic image processing technique. By fitting theoretical and experimental flicker spectra relative values of(More)
Mikko Heino1,2,3*, Lo¿c Baulier1,2,4, David S. Boukal1,2,5, Bruno Ernande6,7, Fiona D. Johnston3,8, Fabian M. Mollet3,9, Heidi Pardoe10, Nina O. Therkildsen11, Silva Uusi-Heikkilä8,12, Anssi Vainikka13,14, RobertArlinghaus8,15,Dorothy J.Dankel2, Erin S.Dunlop1,2,16,AnneMariaEikeset17, Katja Enberg1,2,Georg H. Engelhard18, Christian Jørgensen19, Ane T.(More)