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Four pilot-scale test mesocosms were conducted for the remediation of organochlorine pesticides (OCPs)-contaminated aged soil. The results indicate that the effects on degradation of hexachlorocyclohexanes (HCHs) and dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethanes (DDTs) were in the following order: nutrients/plant bioaugmentation (81.18 % for HCHs; 85.4 % for DDTs) >(More)
BACKGROUND The choice for instrumentation with minimally invasive transforaminal lumbar interbody fusion (MIS-TLIF) in treatment of degenerative lumbar disorders (DLD) remains controversial. The goal of this study was to investigate clinical outcomes in consecutive patients with multi-segment DLD treated with unilateral pedicle screw (UPS) vs. bilateral(More)
Fusion proteins of a protease inhibitor from an entomopathogenic nematode symbiotic bacterium (PIN1) and green fluorescent protein (GFP) were expressed in tobacco (Nicotiana tobacum cv. Samsun NN). The PIN1-GFP protein expressed under the control of the CaMV-35S promoter was detected in leaves of transgenic tobacco plants. The effect of PIN1 on anti-pest(More)
—This paper considers the problem of multiple disjoint sources localization using time difference of arrivals (TDOA) and frequency difference of arrival (FDOA) with sensor position and velocity errors. By exploiting the observation that the multiple disjoint sources exhibit the same sensor location errors, the influence of sensor location errors can be(More)
—In this paper, symbol-error-rate (SER) performance analysis is provided for hybrid cooperation (HC) system in an asymmetric fading environment where the source-to-relay and the relay-to-destination channels experience independent Rayleigh/Rician and Rician/Rayleigh fading, respectively, while the direct channel link between the source and the destination(More)
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