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Comparing fuzzy utilities of the decision alternatives for determining their ranking plays a critical role in fuzzy multicriteria analysis. Existing fuzzy ranking methods may not always be suitable for practical decision problems of large size, due to counterintuitive ranking outcomes or considerable computational effort. This paper presents a practical(More)
This paper presents a simulation-based study to evaluate the performance of 12 defuzzification-based approaches for solving the general fuzzy multiattribute decision-making (MADM) problem requiring cardinal ranking of decision alternatives. These approaches are generated based on six defuzzification methods in conjunction with the simple additive weighting(More)
Businesses are under increasing pressure from competitors, regulators and community groups to implement sustainable business practices. Balancing economic and environmental performance to be green and competitive is therefore a key strategic issue. The increased discussion on green information technology (IT) has sparked the interest of this research. Green(More)
This paper presents an intelligent decision support system (DSS) for facilitating the adoption of the most appropriate multicriteria analysis (MA) method in solving the information systems (IS) project evaluation and selection problem. A knowledge base consisting of IF-THEN production rules is developed for assisting with a systematic adoption of the most(More)