Heping Xie

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The mathematical model of a fractal interpolation surface on a rectangular ®eld is proposed in this paper. The theory of a fractal interpolation surface is applied to the generation of rock fracture surfaces. The methods of the improved self-ane fractal interpolation surface are proposed. Based on the statistical fractal character of fracture surfaces, the(More)
The irregular morphology of single rock fracture significantly influences subsurface fluid flow and gives rise to a complex and unsteady flow state that typically cannot be appropriately described using simple laws. Yet the fluid flow in rough fractures of underground rock is poorly understood. Here we present a numerical method and experimental(More)
A method is explored to remove tall building shadows in true color and color infrared urban aerial images based on the theory of color constancy. This paper first uses the specthem ratio and Otsu threshold segmentation methods to detect building shadows on urban aerial true color and color infrared aerial images. Then, based on the shadow detection result,(More)
Two-phase flow interfacial dynamics in rough fractures is fundamental to understanding fluid transport in fractured media. The Haines jump of non-Darcy flow in porous media has been investigated at pore scales, but its fundamental processes in rough fractures remain unclear. In this study, the micron-scale Haines jump of the air-water interface in rough(More)
Three-dimensional (3D) printing technology integrating frozen stress techniques has created a novel way to directly represent and characterize 3D interior discontinuities and the full-field stress induced by mining- or construction-related disturbances of deeply buried rock masses. However, concerns have been raised about the similitude between the(More)
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