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An executable speci cation language, known as PSP, for fast prototyping parallel responsive systems is introduced. The language is equipped with directly executable mathematical data objects, rst order predicates, temporal operators, parallel assignment, state and state history, sets, maps and sequences, etc. An abstract system model of a parallel(More)
Models with multiple change points are used in many fields; however, the theoretical properties of maximum likelihood estimators of such models have received relatively little attention. The goal of this paper is to establish the asymptotic properties of maximum likelihood estimators of the parameters of a multiple-change-point model for a general class of(More)
In this report a formal framework for the development of hybrid and safety critical systems is introduced. The framework consists of a Cycle calculus, a computational model of reactive systems, and a procedure to develop the top level specification of a safety critical system. The Cycle Calculus incorporates both discrete and continuous time modes,(More)
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