Heon Yong Kwon

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Addition of primary amines to N-[2-(diphenylphosphanyl)benzoyloxy]succinimide affords 2-diphenylphosphanylbenzamides, Ph2PC6H4C(O)NHR (R = C(CH3)3, 3; R = H, 4; R = CH2CH2CH3, 5; R = CH(CH3)2, 6). Addition of NiCl(eta3-CH2C6H5)(PMe3) to the deprotonated potassium salts of the amides and subsequent treatment of two equivalents of B(C6F5)3 to the resulting(More)
Acyclic o-phenylene-bridged bis(anilido-aldimine) compounds, o-C(6)H(4){C(6)H(2)R(2)N=CH-C(6)H(4)-(H)N(C(6)H(3)R'(2))}(2) and related 30-membered macrocyclic compounds, o-C(6)H(4){C(6)H(2)R'(2)N=CH-C(6)H(4)-(H)N-C(6)H(2)R(2)}(2) (o-C(6)H(4)) are prepared. Successive additions of Me(2)Zn and SO(2) gas to the bis(anilido-aldimine) compounds afford(More)
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