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Psilorhynchus sucatio (Hamilton) is redescribed based on the examination of 462 specimens, 13-67 mm standard length (SL). Psilorhynchus nudithoracicus Tilak & Husain is redescribed based on the examination of 97 specimens, 10-68 mm SL. Psilorhynchus gracilis Rainboth is placed in the synonymy of P nudithoracicus. Psilorhynchus hamiltoni, a new species and a(More)
Glyptothorax Blyth (1860) is the most species-diverse and widely-distributed genus in the Sisoridae, but few studies have examined monophyly of the genus and phylogenetic relations within it. We used the nuclear RAG2 gene and mitochondrial COI and Cyt b genes from 50 of the approximately 70 species to examine monophyly of Glyptothorax and phylogenetic(More)
Clarias serniosus, a new Southeast Asian walking-catfish species, is described from the Bolavens Plateau in southern Laos. The new species is a member of the C. batrachus species complex, and can be distinguished from congeners in the complex in having a combination of: occipital process length 15-17 % HL, head length 28.2-28.6% SL, head width 18.5-19.2%(More)
This study describes Pseudolaguvia nubila, a new miniature sisorid catfish from the Kaladan River drainage in northeastern India. Pseudolaguvia nubila can be distinguished from congeners in having a combination of a mottled brown body with yellowish bands, a weakly projecting snout in which the premaxillary teeth are barely exposed when the mouth is closed,(More)
Rasbora dusonensis, R. tornieri and R. myersi are valid species. Rasbora dusonensis sensu Brittan (1954) is R. tornieri and R. dusonensis sensu Kottelat (1991) is R. myersi. Both R. dusonensis and R. tornieri are members of the R. argyrotaenia group and can be distinguished from congeners in having a broad, dark, sharply-defined midlateral stripe on body(More)