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  • H. Welfle, M. Goerl, H. Bielka
  • 1978
1) Efficient separation of the proteins from rat liver ribosomes can by achieved by two-dimensional polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. Complete separation of all components, however, is not possible with one system only. Comparison of the results obtained with different systems suggests further heterogeneity of S15, L22, L28, L33 and L35 and enables(More)
  • H. Bielka, H. Welfle
  • 1968
Proteins from ribosomes of different tissues and animals were characterized by polyacrylamide disc electrophoresis. The proteins from ribosomes of different tissues from the same animal are qualitatively similar. The results of the experiments with ribosomes from the livers of different species of animals exhibit clear differences, in the electrophoretic(More)
The article describe how to configure the InfoSphere Federation Server associated with the ORACLE database and distributed query processing in this environment. It presents how to create objects associated with distributed database. It presents how to define data sources and the wrappers used for the mapping of users connected to the remote server, the(More)
  • J. J. Müller, T. N. Zalkova, +5 authors G. Damaschun
  • 1986
The structures of eukaryotic ribosomal 5S RNA from rat liver and of prokaryotic 5S RNA from E. coli (A-conformer) have been investigated by scattering methods. For both molecules, a molar mass of 44,500±4,000 was determined from small angle X-ray scattering as well as from dynamic light scattering. The shape parameters of the two rRNAs, volume V c, surface(More)
my kompatybilności dla systemu Oracle. Summary. The article presents the mechanisms of support to run Oracle applications in DB2 9.7.5 Express-C environment. It presents the possibility of compilation and execution applications in the DBMS DB2 9.7 Express-C using SQL, PL/SQL and Oracle objects. This version implements support of Oracle 10g and 11g, which(More)
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