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Current operation control systems require advanced analytical tools, including mathematical models. A mathematical model can be developed either as an analytical model or as an empirical model. Compared to analytical models, the empirical ones are easier to formulate, however their applicability range is limited to the operating parameters, for which a(More)
Gas turbine combined cycle power plants are one of the most efficient energy conversion systems. These systems encompass: a gas turbine cycle, steam turbine cycle and heat recovery steam generator. The electrical power of a gas turbine combined cycle power plant heavily depends on ambient parameters - mainly on temperature. A variation of ambient parameters(More)
The diagnostics of operation for the energy conversion systems is realized as a result of collecting, processing, evaluating and analyzing the measurement signals. Thus, determination of the process state, understood as the evaluation of the hereof process deviations from the reference standard process is possible. Researches focused on the identification(More)
The paper presents a mathematical model of CFB (Circulating Fluidized-Bed) boiler co-fired with power coal, low-grade coal and biomass. The model based on the mass and energy balance equations. Calculation algorithm uses the method included in the European PN-EN-12952-15 Standard (applicable in Poland) and the German DIN 1942 Standard. Parameters and(More)
The paper presents a mathematical model, results of calculations and energetic characteristic of biomass fired recirculating flue gas fluidized bed boiler. Methodology of calculation and mass and energy balances were worked out according to standards PN-EN 12953 - 15 and DIN 1942. In order to develop mass and energy balances, compositions of flue gas were(More)
Thermal measurements in energy engineering are a rather complex matter. Many physical quantities cannot be measured directly. They must be calculated making use of algorithms basing on the results of direct measurements. Any measurement is always an inaccurate operation. A measure of the inaccuracy of measurements is the uncertainty of this measurement(More)
The paper presents the methodology, algorithm and results of simulations of single pressure heat recovery steam generator. The analyzed waste boiler contains economizer, evaporator, primary, secondary superheater and desuperheater. Using mass and energy balances, the mathematical model of HRSG is worked out. Development of analytical model of heat transfer(More)
Identification of empirical characteristic of power efficiency of multi-fuel fluidized-bed boiler CFB-Compact co-fired with hard coal, low-grade coal and biomass has been carried out. Measurement data from a distributed control system (DCS) of the boiler have been used. Thermal power of the boiler, molar fraction of oxygen in flue gases as well as part of(More)
The energy diagnosis of power plants and combined heat-and-power plants (CHP) is a very important form in the point of view of rational management of primary energy resources as well as from the economical point of view. The most irreversible component of a power plant is the boiler and the most important factor influencing the energy efficiency is the(More)
Process gases are high temperature by-products of many processes in copper metallurgy. They are heavily dusted and contain combustible components. The basic element in its treatment system is a post combustion chamber localized directly behind the technological furnace. This chamber permits combusting combustible components and precooling the gases with the(More)