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STUDY DESIGN The psychometric properties and clinical use of a battery of physical performance measures were tested on 44 patients with low back pain and 48 healthy, pain-free control subjects. OBJECTIVES Reliability, validity, and clinical use of nine physical performance measures were evaluated. SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA Although physical performance(More)
The hypothesis was tested that unilateral dopamine deficiency leading to the contralateral extrapyramidal syndrome (hemi-parkinsonism) would cause distinctly asymmetric EEG sleep patterns. In 7 hemi-Parkinson's patients 2 nights of sleep were monitored along with pre-sleep waking periods. No medication was given prior to the first night. The second night(More)
Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep behavior disorder is characterized by the intermittent loss of REM-related muscle atonia and the appearance of elaborated motor behaviors (sometimes violent behavior) and vocalizations associated with dream mentation. Nine patients were diagnosed in our Sleep Disorders Unit with this syndrome during the period August(More)
In patients with hemi-Parkinsonism the amplitude of visual evoked potential (EP) components was relatively reduced over the hemisphere contralateral to Parkinsonian symptomatology. Chronic levodopa treatment tended to reverse this lateral asymmetry. Before levodopa treatment, participation in a simple attentional task brought about similar EP changes. After(More)
A patient with generalised epileptic seizures, mental and psychotic signs was diagnosed as suffering from lead encephalopathy. He was a big consumer of home-made arrack, illicit alcohol prepared at home in secrecy, in tools containing copper and lead. Basophilic stippling increased the possibility of lead encephalopathy, which was soon proved. He was(More)
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