Henryk Grzybek

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A key component in the development of ischemic functional and structural myocardial injury during cardiosurgical procedures is an inadequate cellular energy supply which occurs as a consequence of the cessation of oxidative metabolism. In such conditions high energy phosphates are rapidly depleted. As they play a critical role in the maintenance of cell(More)
The aim of this study was to estimate the influence on ultrastructure and function of endocrine and excretoric part of pancreas in rats of extremely low frequency alternating magnetic fields with parameters used in therapy in humans. The animals from the two experimental groups were exposed to a rectangular magnetic field waveform at a frequency of 10 Hz(More)
The effects of low concentration of lead acetate on the apical surface of the jejunal enterocytes were studied. Young male rats were divided into 2 groups which received 0.01% lead acetate solution in drinking water during 30 and 60 d respectively. Blood lead concentrations of poisoned rats were elevated to 30.33 micrograms Pb/100 ml at d 30 of(More)
Tissue samples taken during surgery for therapeutic reasons from patients with acquired valvular heart disease (a.v.h.d.) were examined for collagen ultrastructure evaluation. The case material was obtained from 26 patients, and samples from the following organs were evaluated: palatine tonsils, mitral and aortic valves, heart auricle, skeletal muscle,(More)
The glycocalyx and the structure of the microvilli were analysed in electron microscopy in 122 children with coeliac disease and secondary syndromes of malabsorption. Slight differences were noted in glycolayx structure between both groups of children. In children with coeliac disease its reduction was noted (after gluten challenge). Changes were observed(More)