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We present a rigorous derivation of the flow at arbitrary time in a deterministic cellular automaton model of traffic flow. The derivation employs regularities in preimages of blocks of zeros, reducing the problem of preimage enumeration to a well-known lattice path counting problem. Assuming infinite lattice size and random initial configuration, the flow(More)
We investigate individual packet delay in a model of data networks with table-free, partial table and full table routing. We present analytical estimation for the average packet delay in a network with small partial routing table. Dependence of the delay on the size of the network and on the size of the partial routing table is examined numerically.(More)
The authors have applied the CA/LGCA (" Cellular Automata " / " Lattice Gas Cellular Automata ") methodology to develop and analyse models of spread of epidemics of infectious diseases. Object-Oriented Analysis and Design of the computer models has been performed using the Unified Modelling Language (UML). All required algorithms and data structures have(More)
We investigate second order additive invariants in elementary cellular automata rules. Fundamental diagrams of rules which possess additive invariants are either linear or exhibit singularities similar to singularities of rules with first-order invariant. Only rules which have exactly one invariants exhibit singularities. At the singularity, the current(More)