Henry van Roessel

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The dynamics of a coagulation-fragmentation equation with multiplicative coagulation kernel and critical singular fragmentation is studied. In contrast to the coagulation equation, it is proved that fragmentation prevents the occurrence of the gelation phenomenon and a mass-conserving solution is constructed. The large time behavior of this solution is(More)
In this paper, an approximation for the moment Lyapunov exponent, the asymptotic growth rate of the moments of the response of two coupled oscillators driven by real noise, is constructed. A perturbation approach is used to obtain explicit expressions for these exponents in the presence of small intensity noise. The results are applied to study the moment(More)
This thesis is concerned with the analysis of the control design to the nonlinear networked control systems (NCSs). Ignoring the network connection and cascading actuators, the plant and sensors together, a sampled-data system is obtained. The stabilization problem of nonlinear sampled-data systems is considered under the low measurement rate constraint.(More)
Multiscales occur in physical systems throughout the science and engineering, and reflect different orders of magnitudes of rates of change of different variables. These scales often allow one to find effective behaviors of the fast scales. Reduced models can be used in place of the original complex models and often provide qualitatively accurate and(More)
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