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We report two new squaraine dyes substituted at the pyrrolic rings with n-hexyl (squaraine 1) or n-hexenyl (squaraine 2) chains. Although internal molecular structure variations are minimal, the presence of the terminal double bond results in a much more compact solid-state structure, dramatically affecting charge transport in the thin films; the hole(More)
This experiment investigated the ethanol dependence of the rate constant associated with the synthesis of benzoic acid from ethylbenzoate at 40 ̊C. A batch reactor with 0.25 and 0.3 mole fractions of ethanol was used. The rate constant for the 0.25 mole fraction of ethanol was found to be 0.423 L/(mol•min) and .4027 L/(mol•min) for 0.3 mole fraction of(More)
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