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This paper discusses approximation errors for interpolation in a variational setting which may be obtained from the analysis given by Golomb and Weinberger. We show how this analysis may be used to derive the power function estimate of the error as introduced by Schaback and Powell. A simple error tool for the power function is presented, which is similar(More)
Clinical neurological examinations of 22 patients with Gilles de la Tourette's syndrome and written reports of examinations of seven other patients are reported. Half the personally examined patients had minor motor asymmetries in addition to the typical motor and vocal tics found in all the patients. Thirty-six per cent of patients were left handed or(More)
The authors conducted a follow-up study of 78 patients with Gilles de la Tourette's syndrome. Four of the patients were in spontaneous remission; 59 patients taking haloperidol showed an average improvement of 79.3% and the remaining patients, 3 of whom were taking medication other than haloperidol and 12 of whom were not taking any medication, showed an(More)
Interpolation with translates of a basis function is a common process in approximation theory. One starts with a single function (the basis function) and a set of interpolation points. The most elementary form of the interpolant then consists of a linear combination of all translates by interpolation points of the basis function. Frequently , low degree(More)