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Interpolation with translates of a basis function is a common process in approximation theory. The most elementary form of the interpolant consists of a linear combination of all translates by interpolation points of a single basis function. Frequently, low degree polynomials are added to the interpolant. One of the significant features of this type of(More)
A new noninvasive method of measuring ejection fraction and the mean velocity of circumferential fiber shortening from the apexcardiogram and carotid pulse tracing is described and compared with the echocardiographic and angiographic measurement of these values in 35 patients with coronary artery disease. The correlations of the apexcardiographic derived(More)
The apexcardiogram (acg), when recorded serially in patients with acute myocardial infarction (ami), preinfarction angina (pia) and stable ischemic heart disease (ihd), appeared to reflect the abnormal patterns of contraction of the left ventricle in these conditions. Thus, paradoxical bulging (dyskinesis) of the systolic wave or increased "a" wave(More)
UNLABELLED Chlordiazepoxide plus clidinium bromide (Librax(R)) was evaluated and compared with a placebo by means of a random sample, double-blind crossover technique in 42 patients presenting ordinary functional gastrointestinal disorders. RESULTS * 73.9 percent excellent-to-good response to the active drug in patients receiving it before they received(More)