Henry Ware

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Survivorship analysis is a useful way of expressing the long-term results of joint replacement: it provides a means of comparing the life span of one type of prosthesis with another. However, such studies should include a full life-table and the confidence intervals for the survival rates at given times. At least 40 surviving prostheses are required to(More)
OBJECTIVE The authors developed a natural language processing (NLP) framework that could be used to extract clinical findings and diagnoses from dictated physician documentation. DESIGN De-identified documentation was made available by i2b2 Bio-informatics research group as a part of their NLP challenge focusing on obesity and its co-morbidities. The(More)
OBJECTIVE Coreference resolution of concepts, although a very active area in the natural language processing community, has not yet been widely applied to clinical documents. Accordingly, the 2011 i2b2 competition focusing on this area is a timely and useful challenge. The objective of this research was to collate coreferent chains of concepts from a corpus(More)
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