Henry Ware

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OBJECTIVE The authors developed a natural language processing (NLP) framework that could be used to extract clinical findings and diagnoses from dictated physician documentation. DESIGN De-identified documentation was made available by i2b2 Bio-informatics research group as a part of their NLP challenge focusing on obesity and its co-morbidities. The(More)
OBJECTIVE Coreference resolution of concepts, although a very active area in the natural language processing community, has not yet been widely applied to clinical documents. Accordingly, the 2011 i2b2 competition focusing on this area is a timely and useful challenge. The objective of this research was to collate coreferent chains of concepts from a corpus(More)
Fractures of the anterior intercondylar eminence in children are relatively uncommon. There is considerable debate as to the best treatment of displaced fractures, but most methods described in the literature involve an open procedure combined with some form of fixation. Using human anatomical dissections, we have shown that the transverse meniscal ligament(More)
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