Henry Wang

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In this paper a novel approach is described for tree visualization using nested circles. The brother nodes at the same level are represented by externally tangent circles; the tree nodes at different levels are displayed by using 2D nested circles or 3D nested cylinders. A new layout algorithm for tree structure is described. It provides a good overview for(More)
Monte Carlo (MC) methods are the gold standard for modeling photon and electron transport in a heterogeneous medium; however, their computational cost prohibits their routine use in the clinic. Cloud computing, wherein computing resources are allocated on-demand from a third party, is a new approach for high performance computing and is implemented to(More)
This paper describes the optimization of a sensor network by a novel Genetic Algorithm (GA) that we call King Mutation C2. For a given distribution of sensors, the goal of the system is to determine the optimal combination of sensors that can detect and/or locate the objects. An optimal combination is the one that minimizes the power consumption of the(More)