Henry Wang

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In this paper a novel approach is described for tree visualization using nested circles. The brother nodes at the same level are represented by externally tangent circles; the tree nodes at different levels are displayed by using 2D nested circles or 3D nested cylinders. A new layout algorithm for tree structure is described. It provides a good overview for(More)
Monte Carlo (MC) methods are the gold standard for modeling photon and electron transport in a heterogeneous medium; however, their computational cost prohibits their routine use in the clinic. Cloud computing, wherein computing resources are allocated on-demand from a third party, is a new approach for high performance computing and is implemented to(More)
to reflect our continued growth and expanded expertise in the areas of comparative effectiveness research (CER) and patient-centered outcomes research (PCOR). For the purposes of this progress report this T32 will be referred to as the HSOER T32. 6.A. Accomplishments of the Training Program In our first competitive renewal (submitted fall 2007) we(More)
Assessing the relationship of education level and medication adherence with patients' perception of autonomous support by health-care provides in a sample of low incomes African Americans with diabetes James Thompson McMurtrie, MS3 Hematocrit, blood transfusion, and outcomes in patients with coronary stents and cardiac risk factors undergoing surgery In(More)
Background and Objectives. Glycemic control is of paramount importance in the intensive care unit. Presently, several BG control algorithms have been developed for clinical trials, but they are mostly based on experts' opinion and consensus. There are no validated models predicting how glucose levels will change after initiating of insulin infusion in(More)